The Northeastern University Systems Security Lab

We research tools and techniques for making the Internet a safer place.
And, we also hack around a little.

News and Press

22 Jan 2019

Reuters, MSN, and Yahoo Finance featured a video interview of Engin on Facebook blocking Russian-connected accounts.

08 Dec 2018

Some of our team members attended ACSAC 2019 where we also presented a paper.

07 Dec 2018

Andrea gave an interview to The Register on Speculator.


Our lab has a focus on practical security research, and we are active in a number of areas spanning systems and network security. Some of our particular research interests include mobile security, web security, security applications of program analysis, botnets, and malware. In general, we are interested in all practical security problems.


We publish in a number of venues, including IEEE Security and Privacy (Oakland), ACM CCS, USENIX Security, and NDSS. For a full list of our publications, see our publications list.